Set Up and Grow a Successful Outdoor Education School for £79.95

Overcome fears about tech, marketing and all the grey stuff, it's actually really fun and we make it easy!

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Detest Marketing?

If your product or service is good for planet or people it is your obligation to learn to market it as you are helping people transit to better behaviours.  So we teach you to market your school without guilt!

Scared of Tech?

As an outdoor instructor you don't have a high street shop window - you have to develop an online presence.  Most customers expect to be able to book and pay online too!  We make it easy.


Our business planning tools especially for outdoor education business will help you create your business plan without even realising you have done it, just by answering simple questions.

The Business Of Outdoor Education Matters!

Running outdoor education sessions, whether for adults or children is a fun and ethical way to make a living.  You can work around your family or another job and enjoy some extra income while being out in nature - walking with lovely people.    You are also tapping into a growing market for ‘How-To’ Tuition.

Setting up and running your own successful outdoor education business requires you to be three things:  teacher, business person and tradesman (in your craft).   Unfortunately it seems that many folk out there are great at their craft and fantastic teachers yet lack the basic business know-how to really make their school take off.

We designed this course to help you become a successful outdoor education business - we want to see you fully booked!   Develop a clear idea of your offering, help you create a consistent brand for your school and learn all the tech stuff, so you can create an online presence that will stand out, be instantly recognised, trusted and get customers booking. More importantly to teach survival you need to survive financially yourself!

READY TO GO? Yes I need a survival crash course for my outdoor ed business!

"I was already in business but struggling as I wasn't exactly promoting my school, mostly as I didn't understand the tech.  I work in the woods not at a desk.  I loved the succinctness yet breadth of the info in this course and that what you do online all goes into an actual physical planner at the end.  I now actually feel like a businessman/woodsman and love referring to my plan, and the processes laid out and I can see how they work as although I have just finished the beta course, I am getting loads more enquiries already."


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  3. Course/Walk Viability Online Calculator.
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